Block Printed Napkins

Subscription- 1 set of 4 napkins charcoal dot

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Ready to make the jump from paper towels to cloth napkins?

This subscription box includes 1 set of 4 of our block printed napkins, that you can easily wash and reuse again and again. Hand-block printed with non-toxic, azo-free dyes on a tight weave cotton cambric, our napkins are soft, sturdy and easy to care for. 

Machine wash cold with like colors, and tumble on low- iron on medium heat, or if you're like us, give a good shake and smooth with your hands as you're folding them out of the dryer:)

Because we use azo-free dyes, which are better for us and the environment, after many washes and uses you might find your colors fading a bit-- at this point, or if you feel like your napkins are piling up, we will send you a return label to send them back to us, using the box containing your new napkins. We are working with local non-profits to recycle and our used napkins, and you can read more about how they'll be repurposed in our "Textile Recycling Initiative" tab. We're really excited about this recycling program- it's a real win-win, and you can feel good about getting your fresh new napkins, knowing your loved napkins aren't being thrown into a landfill. 

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